Ina Bachman

Money Touches Everything

When you think about all the areas in your life that money impacts, you can see the true value in transforming this situation.

It touches time, health, income, the future, the past, love, joy, fun, pleasure!

Money also plays a powerful role in every relationship in your life, whether it’s your:


Business….. Partners……Parents……Boss


Nobody enters into relationships with the idea that money will cause conflict and unhappiness but more often than not, it’s the norm. Not being prepared for Money Conversations is guaranteed to wreak havoc on relationships, affecting the the trust and safety needed for a relationship to not only work but to feel great.

Now that you’ve seen the powerful role money plays in relationship, let me ask you this…. What is it costing you to not address these issues?

I created my two Coaching programs, The Couple’s Money Matrix and Tapping Into Wealth  Coaching, after coming into a relationship-money impasse in my own life.  I’m truly passionate about this topic, and have made it my mission to help others find a new path to the life of their dreams. I truly believe that when we look at money in our lives, it allows us to open new doorways to all areas of our life.

Have I caught your interest?

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Check out my article in the box to the right, and start the process to altering the negative money spin:

5 Powerful Steps To Transform Your Money Conversations


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