Money Touches Everything…

Do you know that money touches all areas of your life?


Nobody enters into a relationship with the idea that money will cause conflict and unhappiness but more often than not, it’s the norm.


Think about it….  How many conversations do you have where money crops up connected to your time, health, income, debt, family, fun, pleasure, work…. even love? It could be a conversation in a work relationship, a personal relationship, or even a discussion in your own mind. Each of these conversations can quickly unravel and leave you feeling frustrated, disappointed or worse.


Not being prepared for Money Conversations is guaranteed to wreak havoc on your relationships, affecting the trust and safety needed for a relationship to not only work but to feel great.   


The Truth Is, 

Money Conversations can actually lead to

♠ Deeper Trust

♣ Improved Connection

♦ Exceptional Collaboration

♥ More Honesty

♠ More Fun and More Pleasure

But you have to know How to have them, to get those results…


And I know how frustrating these money conversations can be.  When I reached an impasse in my own life, I realized I needed to understand more about the power of money conversations.


So I devoted my time, energy and money to learn the Tapping Into Wealth program and became an expert.  Then I created my two Coaching programs, The Couple’s Money Matrix and Tapping Into Wealth Coaching.


I’m truly passionate about this topic, and have made it my mission to help others find a new path to the life of their dreams. I believe that when you investigate your relationship with money and the meaning it has for you, powerful shifts happen and new doorways open to every area of your life.


Have I caught your interest?

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5 Powerful Steps To Transform Your Money Conversations

Now that you see the powerful role money can play in your relationships, let me ask you this…. What is it costing you to not address these issues?


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Here’s what people are saying about Ina Bachman:

“It’s such a joy to work with Ina Bachman.  She’s an amazing coach.  She has the ability to create a wonderfully safe space for transformation.  She helps me see connections that I’ve never seen before, despite decades of personal growth work.  She is truly exceptional and I highly recommend her services.”

Cindy Briolatta, MA, MS