Ina Bachman

Happily Ever After?  

Not When Money is Involved


Are you sick and tired of fighting about money with your partner?

Do you feel trapped in a never-ending conversation about finances, that seems to have no way out?

Are you longing for the loving connection you had when you first committed to your relationship?


For some couples, any time they try to talk about their money, it can feel like World War III. Intense emotions can erupt when they are paying the bills, looking at their bank account, or discussing any other aspect of this hot topic. For other couples, they may experience some tension with the topic and want to bring more fun, love and abundance into their lives.

The amazing news is that it is possible to change this pattern, and the tools we’ll use to end the money wars are simple and do-able.

And transformation can happen even if only one member of the couple is participating in the program.

In my 25 years of experience as a clinician, I have found that money is almost always a difficult topic for couples to discuss. But it doesn’t have to be that way!  In fact, it is possible to create a new pathway in your relationship where you and your beloved have a shared vision that’s filled with fun,connection and abundance.  I know, because I was there.  From the pain of a 14 year marriage ending, I went on a personal journey where I dove deep into why money is such a difficult issue for relationships.  From that experience, I created this program The Couple’s Money Matrix and have been sharing it with others, with incredible results. ♦♦♦

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