The Couple’s Money Matrix™ : 7 Steps To End Your Money Conflicts and Make Room For More Love



Who would ever think that fighting about money could make you love your partner more?


And yet, in this webinar that’s exactly what will happen. We will face partner-money battles head on and build a new pathway to love.

For some couples, any time they try to talk about their money, it can feel like World War III. Intense emotions can erupt when they are balancing their check book, looking at savings, discussing spending or any other aspect of this hot topic. The amazing news is that it is possible to change this pattern, and the tools we’ll use to end the money wars are simple and do-able.

In my 25 years of experience as a clinician, I have found that money is always a difficult topic for couples to discuss.  The conversations often turn into conflicts that seem destined for communication breakdowns, no matter what reason the couple came for help.

That’s why I created The Couple’s Money Matrix™.  I know, both from personal experience and all my years in the field of personal development, how frustrating and painful money conversations can be.  I also know another way.  There are specific tools that can significantly reduce, if not eliminate, the money conflicts in a relationship. With these tools in place, a couple has space to rebuild trust, return to love and create new pathway for abundance and prosperity.

In this Webinar we will:

  1. Unpack the main causes for money conflicts using the knowledge of cutting edge neuroscience and see how it applies to relationships.
  2. Use powerful, clinically proven tools that will reduce intense reactions and pave the way back to connection with your partner.
  3. Gain clear insight into each partner’s Personal Money Narrative and understand it’s impact on their relationship with the dollar.
  4. Develop new partner pathways for effective communication that create solutions instead of dissolving into unresolved arguments.
  5. Identify your relationship debt-tolerance profile and create a plan for alignment.
  6. Create a shared partner vision that will bring more fun back into the relationship and build a road map to abundance and prosperity.
  7. Provide total, 100%, support every step of the way.


The program includes:

  • Six webinar classes that you can listen to live and participate in
  • Private coaching session
  • Handouts and home study that will support ongoing change
  • A permanent recording of the classes so that you can return to a specific subject and listen again, or listen at a time that is more convenient for you
  • Bonus sessions with Guest Speakers


During the class, there will be time for information, time for practice and time for question and answer. Each class will build on the one before so listening to them in the order they are presented will provide the best results. Email support and a private online support group will be also be available throughout the program.

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